Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Sorry this is coming late. Better late than never, right? The results are in:

Rebecca -2.6
Jason +5.2

As we ring in the new year and set resolutions I thought it might be good to talk about goals and goal setting. We always have a What-"Lose 5lbs"
And a How-"Eat low carb, work out 4x a week, don't eat after 8pm.
What about WHY?

WHY?!?!? This is an essential question to answer when making goals. The "Why" reasons could/should be the best motivation.

To be Healthy
Tie my shoe comfortable
I want to be a good example for my children
Look great in a wedding dress... (Hint, Hint:Clarissa and Jason just got engaged)

What ever the reasons, write them down, focus on them, reflect on them, add to them.



  1. Amen! I need to remember the "why" a lot more often!

  2. The why...that is really important! I'm going to have to remember that more often. Hmm. I'd say a few of them are listed above, and I'd add the following to the list.
    --Be able to ride comfortably on an airplane
    --Fit into my cute clothes
    --I want to respect my body as the gift from God it is.
    --Keep the dang blood sugars under control.

    By the way--I went up 2.5 pounds. Boo.