Saturday, December 22, 2012

You lose some, you gain some!

Well, this week was not too hot for a couple of us :[. Here are our results:
  • I gained 4 lbs (we celebrated Christmas yesterday... oops!)
  • Rebecca gained 5 lbs
  • Crystal lost 0.4 lbs (Way to go, Crystal!)
Clarissa and Jason were unable to make it.

Today was an open discussion and we talked a lot about our psychology concerning food. I honestly have a ridiculously hard time leaving food on my plate and it also bothers me that my husband always leaves food on his plate. Therefore, I finish my plate AND his! My parents never made us clean our plates growing up, so I really don't know where this comes from. I also talked about how I feel left out if others are eating and I am not. Ironically, just last night, my husband and I were talking on this very subject and he is very bothered when he's full, so he never allows himself to get full. I, on the other hand, have a hard time if I DON'T get full... Why is this?! Then, last but not least, all traditions and social events seem to be centered around food... It wouldn't be Christmas without all the food and goodies, right?

How do we break these ties to food? We really do have power over our thoughts... we just have to really work for it. Rebecca was saying how she was able to "gross herself out" about finishing the food on her son's plate and therefore wasn't tempted. Years ago, when I was actively losing weight, I convinced myself that I wasn't a fat person trying to make healthy choices, I was a healthy person who had no desire to eat unhealthy things. It truly did work for a while.

With that being said, we are going to try to set goals for next year that concern positive food psychology. Until we have trained our brains to make healthy choices, the weight-loss road is next to impossible... take it from one who knows! Let's train ourselves to convince ourselves that being healthy is fun and wonderful!

Rebecca will be doing next week's post, as I will be out of town. Stay tuned and let's gear up for the new year!


  1. So, Christmas fouled me up. I've been missing weigh-ins all over the place! Thankfully since my last comment on the blog, I have maintained. But let's be honest--there were likely a lot of ups and downs in between. So, here we start again. I'm hoping that with my new job starting next Thursday and having more of a schedule with it, that it will help me with my weight loss goals. I will be riding the shuttle to work, and to catch the shuttle, it's only 1.5 miles from my apartment. So I will walk it at least one way each day. Hopefully two ways each day, but sometimes my husband will just drop me off on his way to work. This will save us LOADS of money on parking, and give me a built-in 3 mile walk 5 days a week. So I hope that helps. I also will be packing my lunch and controlling my snacks that way. So, hopefully this works a little more. I really feel like I need to push this hard for the next 3 months. I'll report in again after next week's meeting/blog. Thank you so much for doing this blog. It's really helpful to have a forum to ask for support and offer what I can to others. P.S. Thanks for the recipes--especially the cottage cheese/ranch dip. It's my new favorite! I made it for a little dinner party we had and everyone loved it. :)

    1. Yay! I'm pretty impressed you've maintained since the last time. More than I can say for myself! Lack of a schedule has been the hardest adjustment for me, so I hope your new job and having a schedule will do wonders for you. I also used to walk the 1.5 miles to and from work and it makes a huge difference! Yay for you! I'll have to figure out how to make a schedule for myself this next year.