Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Results and Dec Goals

Hey all! Sorry for not posting after Thanksgiving. Things just didn't work out well last week. I do have the results from the past 2 weeks and the month totals :)

Since the last time:

  • Jerusha -0.8 lb
  • Rebecca +2.2 lb
  • Clarissa -1.2 lb
  • Crystal +1 lb
Overall for the month
  • Jerusha -2 lb
  • Rebecca -1.2 lb
  • Clarissa -1.8 lb
  • Crystal +1 lb
Though I was named the winner of the contest this morning, after checking the math CLARISSA is our winner!!! I thought it was too good to be true ;) Congrats to Clarissa!

I also must say that though we were all far away from the goals we'd set, I'm proud of the fact that for the most part we had losses this month! I think this is the first November ever that I've had a loss, so I'm excited!

Since December is such a difficult month, we made calendars with specific goals geared towards the events we knew would get in our way. Here's mine so you can see what I'm talking about (sorry, it won't let me post them side by side):

Hopefully you can see that my overall goal for the month is no fast food. Then at the beginning of each week in black marker I put my goal for the week. Events that could potentially harm me are in red and green... and my daily goals are in black pen. You'll notice I have chores on there... I used to keep an immaculate home, but since getting pregnant and having Jayna, I've only kept it picked up... not very clean. Therefore, I've made that part of my December goals.

Here are our December goals:
  • Jerusha - No fast food (I can only eat out on our 2 date nights this month and it has to be healthy) and I want to maintain weight this month. (I've gained 12-20 lbs every Christmas that I can remember... pretty sad. That's why I'm setting my goal for maintenance.)
  • Rebecca - Lose 4 lbs and no eating out at all
  • Clarissa - Only eat every 3 hours... no extra snacking (I should do this one as well)
  • Crystal - Lose 3 lbs and lose inches (more toning). Only one treat a week.
  • Jason - Don't eat any food from work, unless he takes it. (Brilliant for the month of December!)
Don't recognize Jason's name? Well you shouldn't because he just joined us this week!!! We're so excited to have our first male member! Hopefully we'll get some more guys now that he has set the precedence :) He needs some man pals! Meet Jason:

Jason is already well into his journey of losing weight and is going to give us a run for our money... Bring it on! :)

Hopefully you're on board for this Holiday Season. We all need all the help we can get! Start your recruiting now for January... I'm hoping we double in size after the holidays so we have even more competition AND support!


  1. Hi everybody--

    So--reporting my numbers--over the last week, I lost 7 pounds, and for the month total, I've lost 5! And do I believe it? No! I honestly think it was a fluke. I did hit my exercise goals this week, and I've been better with recording, but I just think--that must be a fluke! So, my goals for December are as follows:
    1. Exercise 3 days a week for 60 minutes total each day.
    2. Record what I eat on
    3. Eat breakfast during the morning.
    4. Eat what's in the house rather than buying snacks out and about.

    I've noticed I've been neglecting breakfast, and I can't do that with diabetes. I have to eat regularly, and that's one of the struggles with weight loss. Hopefully I can make this work. :)

    Way to go, everyone! Welcome Jason! :)

    1. Dang Gina!!! Nice work! I'm totally impressed! Totally hear ya on the breakfast thing... I had gestational diabetes, so I know a bit about it. If I didn't eat within 10 hours of the previous night's meal my blood sugar would spike like crazy. I'm seriously so proud and impressed by you!

  2. Jerusha and Co. Just thought you might enjoy my husband's cousin's blog " His suggestions are easily put into action and they work.