Saturday, November 17, 2012

Motivation Week (Just in Time)

Hey all!

Good news and bad news... bad news first. We had a rough week... all three of us! We were all a bit cranky when we showed up, but all left in a better mood (at least, I did). I think motivation week came at just the right time for our moods and for Thanksgiving. I'll be honest, I get a bit cranky when everyone around me is indulging all the time, and I'm trying hard not to... I'll get over it ;) Our numbers this week were as follows:

  • Rebecca - Maintained (Yay!!!)
  • Jerusha +1.6 (I'll do better this week)
  • Clarissa +1.2
Because of the upcoming Holiday and the fact that Rebecca and I will both be out of town, we've moved our  reward week to Dec 1st. We'll all still weigh-in for the week, but at different times, so the only way to make it fair is to bump it by a week. Therefore, the only update on here will be our weigh-ins on Monday the 26th, so stay tuned for that.

Ironically, even though we all did well with our goals, none of us had losses... That's why it's so important to set goals based on performance and not outcome. Will we have to re-vamp goals to help us out? Yes, but I'm proud of us for doing well on our goals for the month!

This week, for motivation, we cut out strips of paper (I like colorful paper myself) and wrote different motivations for being healthier on each one. You can do however many you like (I did 45 to last through the end of the year), and you can even repeat yourself. If you're having health issues and want to eat healthier to fix them or if you really, really, really want to fit into last year's jeans, you can write those down a few times. Write down everything, no matter how petty you may think it would sound... yes, I said I wanted to feel hotter :) Then stick them in a container or a plastic baggie. Each morning as you roll out of bed, you're going to draw one of your motivations out and keep it with you throughout the day. Anytime you're feeling week, you're going to pull it out or think about it to help keep you on track.

This may sound juvenile or cheesy, but I've done it in the past and have been astonished how much it helps! When we feel left out or we really want that comfort food, it's really hard to remember that we WANT to be healthy... our motivations will be there to remind us WHY we want to be healthy. Hopefully this helps.


Meet Crystal :)

Crystal is more devoted to walking than any person I've ever met :) If you ever need a walking partner, she's your gal... just be prepared to walk fast. I only kept up with her when I was training for my marathon. Haha!
We're totally excited to have Crystal on board!

Be thinking of the goals you want to set for December :) Our next meeting will be a goal setting meeting, so be prepared...


  1. Well I'm glad I'm not alone. I gained 2 pounds. Boo! I did okay on my goals, but since I haven't been feeling well, I didn't work as hard to meet my goals. I like your idea, Jerusha. I will do that with the papers. I haven't posted my pictures yet, but I will soon when I remember to upload them from my camera. Thank you for your insights and support!

  2. I lost 1 lb. this week. I can't complain. I have to admit, I am a little nervous about the upcoming week with 2 birthday parties and Thanksgiving. I will just be counting my blessings if I don't gain more than 1 lb. :) I like the idea of the motivational papers. Great idea!