Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year = Fresh Start

Hey all! Before I get down to business, I have to shout out a big congratulations to Clarissa and Jason... They got engaged this last week!!!!! Yay!!! Here's to a June wedding :)!

Here are the results for this week, month, and since start of the holidays. I want to post all three so you can see that we all gained less than the average American over the holidays... I'm pretty darn proud of us!

  • Jerusha gained 2 this week, gained 5.6 this month, and since November 3rd is up 3.6. The least I've ever gained from Nov to Jan since I was 12 is 12 lbs and I usually average about 20. Needless to say, I'm super proud of myself for only gaining 3.6. Now, I get down to business!
  • Rebecca didn't weigh in this week, but for Dec she's up 2.4, and since Nov 3rd is up 1.2. Nice work Rebecca!
  • Clarissa, the superstar, lost 2.4 this week, 2.2 for the month and is DOWN 4 lbs since Nov 3rd! I'm seriously in awe of this lady! (She pretty much has won the contest 2 months in a row!)
  • Crystal is up 1 lb this week, up 1.8 for the month, and up 2.8 since Nov 3rd.
  • Jason didn't weigh in this week, and is only up .6 for the month!
Like I said, I'm quite proud of us! We all gained less than 5 lbs over the holidays, which is pretty darn impressive especially for people who've all been heavier than we are now. Clarissa and Jason are more committed than ever to lose weight now, so we've got our competition coming to us!

This week we wrote down everything that we felt sabotages our efforts. Then, next to each, we wrote down a goal that will help us to overcome these obstacles. Each month, we will focus on one. Here are our thoughts (the one we're working on for the month is in bold):

  • I feel left out if I'm the only one not eating - Whenever I'm in charge of a get together, I'll make it about something other than food. I will also contribute more to conversation so I don't feel left out.
  • I feel the need to feel full - Eat more veggies, eat more fiber, drink more water. Convince myself that I don't need to feel full... there will always be food.
  • I have a hard time leaving food on my plate - Make less food, cut portions in 1/2, use a smaller plate. Remember that whether you throw the food away, or eat it past the point of satiation, you're wasting it... In the words of my mother-in-law, it's paid for whether you eat it or not. (I never realized how much food I waste by over-eating).
  • I just plain LOVE junk food and have a hard time stopping once I start - Make myself eat a treat once a day to convince myself I'm not deprived, but keep it under 150 calories. This one will be good for my all-or-nothing attitude that I'm trying to get rid of. I need to learn that you can indulge if you keep it under control.
  • Lack of energy causes me to feel hungry and quick energy foods lead to a lack of energy overall - Whenever I feel hungry (outside of mealtime), I will exercise, whether it be going up and down my stairs 20 times with baby in tote, or doing a video, or going on a walk. This always helps my energy!
  • Lack of schedule - Create a daily schedule and menu so there's no question or last minute hungry fixes.
  • Lack of energy - Start moving, get off couch
  • Wants to sleep instead of exercise and lacks a wake-up schedule - Will wake up at 6 am everyday.
  • Sees everyone else at work eating sweets that patients have brought and wants to join in - Will make a stash of healthier desserts to pull out when tempted by co-workers.
  • Has a hard time stopping herself once she starts eating - Will eat a portion of food and then set a 10 minute timer. If she's still hungry after 10 minutes, she can have a bit more.
  • Cold weather and lack of sunshine demotivate her to exercise - Will layer up and go anyways and will tell herself that "shivering burns calories". Haha!
  • Can't leave food on plate because she feels she's wasting money - Make less food, or save more for an extra meal. Will make a meal plan.
  • Lack of time - Will make freezer meals to pull out when in a hurry.
  • PMS - Will remind herself that chocolate and salt only make her feel worse in this condition.
Clarissa made a good point about eating and exercise. She was saying how sometimes, you exercise and it curbs your hunger -- those are the times you were just hungry out of boredom (or emotionally hungry, etc.). However, when you exercise and are starving when you are through, then you were legitimately hungry.

Clarissa also posed a challenge... She and Jason are doing a half marathon the beginning of June (2 weeks before their wedding) and would like for us to do it as a group. I'm still trying to convince myself that I can indeed get back to that point in 6 months, but I'm going to work towards it for sure! It would be really fun if we all worked towards some sort of fitness goal by the beginning of June (half-way through the year) and prove to ourselves that we are and can be athletic!

Last, but definitely not least, I wanted to mention that we have had a devout follower from Georgia, Julie, that posts her results every week and has even sent me her "before" pictures. I love, love, love the fact that she is doing this right along with us! If any of you would like to hold yourselves a little more accountable, we'd love to hear your results and post your pictures as well. We will update pictures at your 10% weight loss goal and your overall weight loss goal (they will be posted side by side with your before pics so you can see the results). Meet Miss Julie:


  1. Yikes. Those pictures look even worse than I thought before. Talk about motivation! reporting in first--I lost 1 pound this week! So, for December I gained 3, which is less than I thought, so that's good at least. And since November 3, I have gained 2 pounds.

    This causes further reflection for me. Have I really kept track? Have I actually made changes? No, I don't think I have. I need to actually focus on it! Since I'm back at work, I'm back on a schedule, and since I started working this past Thursday, I've walked home twice from the commuter shuttle which is about 1.5 miles. Progress right? :)

    It's an interesting thought--what sabotages me. I think I'd have to say the following:
    1 - Diabetes. I panic when I don't have food accessible. I panic because I am afraid I will pass out or end up in a diabetic coma. I always carry granola bars with me, but I have to remember to test my blood sugar first before I eat something.
    2 - I do not like being sweaty. It's even worse in Georgia. It gets hot and muggy and miserable. So I don't want to exercise. I have to find ways to work exercise into my daily routine. I need to do the stairs and keep walking rather than drive to places that are close by.
    3 - When I tell myself I can't have something, I want it more. and then it never tastes as good as I think it should. What can I do to combat that? Any ideas? I could use some feedback on that.


    1. This last one is the exact reason I'm telling myself I CAN have something every day, but I have to keep it under 150 cal. There was actually a study done that showed that the pleasure center in the brains of people with weight issues lights up immensely when they think about foods they love, but when they actually eat the food a much smaller area lights up. Therefore, this causes them to want more and more to fill up the same "pleasure area" lit up with their imagination. I found this fascinating! Since I found this out, I've been trying to train my brain -- I tell it that the foods I want are just not that great. As I eat each bite of my 150 calories, I try to imagine that it's too rich or too much. It's really hard to do at first, but makes a huge difference in the long run. We have much more power over our brain than we think! (Sorry for such a long response! Hopefully this helps.)

    2. Also, a 2 lb gain over the holidays is nothing to frown about... Just think how much more it could have been if you weren't focused on losing. I do appreciate the fact that you reflect and re-evaluate... Something I should do much more often!

  2. YAY for Clarissa and Jason! :D