Sunday, January 20, 2013


So... we made our goal!!!!! Every single person had a loss this week, and not just a loss, but a good loss! Here are the results:

  • Jerusha -3
  • Clarissa -2.6
  • Crystal -4
  • Jason -1.2
  • Rebecca was unable to make it
Yay for us!!!

This week I was trying to get ideas from everyone about different exercise they'd like to learn more about, etc. However, they all said they would rather have a motivational thought on the 3rd week and call it good. If any of you out there are interested in exercise ideas or have any questions, I'd be more than happy to do research for you. My main thought concerning exercise was that most of us get in a rut and stop enjoying exercise... we don't want that to happen. Besides, our bodies need us to "change it up". Just let me know :)

This weeks very impromptu motivational thought concerned our brain. The right side of our brain contains our control center, which controls our motivation. The right side of our brain also controls our creativity. I have found in my life that the more I exercise one side of my brain, the more I develop other functions that are controlled by that side. Luckily, I was raised studying music, which happens to exercise both sides of the brain simultaneously (just as a side note). Therefore, the more creative I am, and the more in touch with my emotions I am, the more motivated I am. As I try to create new recipes, or as I create a motivational poster (it gives me little motivation hanging on my fridge), I find myself motivated to do a little more or to be a little better. So go out this week with a new attitude of creativity. See what you can create and see how it affects your motivation.

We are shooting for another no-gain meeting next week... Wish us luck :)


  1. I had a loss, too! I lost 2.5 pounds! I'm hoping it's not a fluke. I have been trying to record everything, but that hasn't really worked well. But I'm trying hard to just eat what I take for lunch and try not to eat other things during the day. I have made a vow though to NEVER get anything out of the vending machine at work. I haven't yet, so I will not make it an option. I have to say I'm really grateful for this blog and your guidance, Jerusha, and support everyone!

    1. Aww! Thanks lady :) Super happy for you and your loss! We will get there together and we can all celebrate together (somehow) ;). Vending machines can be death... good goal!

  2. I concur on the vending machines, bad news!