Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's get a move on!

Ironically, right after my last post, my back went out... the one sign that I'm working too hard! I should have done last week's challenge a week earlier ;)  But I must say that I tried not to stress about my back and it healed in just a day! I loved last week and am definitely going to try to keep that challenge alive!

Even though it's really hard to tell somedays, spring has sprung! Which, in my book, means "time to quit making weather an excuse, and get off your duff!"  I've been okay about exercising lately, but considering I did a full marathon in October of last year and a half marathon in February (just 2 months ago) and feel exhausted after walking 4 miles now, I should be embarassed for myself!

I find, for me, that I'm either really good at weight training or I'm really good at cardio, but I'm never really good and weight training and cardio in the same week... hmmm. Both are extremely important in a weight-loss journey. One of my favorite quotes is by Chalene Johnson in Chalean Extreme... she says (paraphrased) Come on people, you're not getting fat because you're getting old, you're getting fat because you're losing muscle!  The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn not only in your cardio, but while you're resting as well!

This week I'm challenging myself to do 3 days with cardio, 3 days with weight training (offset from cardio) and one day of yoga (the hardest exercise of all for me).  I'm challenging all y'all to give a little extra this week to exercise, whatever your level may be... unless you're one of those people who is already a little overkill. That can be extremely unhealthy as well, so be careful!

Happy moving this week!


  1. I'm with ya Juice! I have a hard time getting that 3rd cardio day in, so I'm taking the challenge not to miss it this week! I'm on the 1st day of Chalene's Push Circuit!

  2. Yay! I should start up Chalene again... I need routine! How's you BFL challenge going?