Friday, June 3, 2011

Vitamins and sleep

Hi friends! I have to admit that I failed miserably last week... I did plan out a menu, but whilst at the parent's house realized that nothing on my menu was in the house :s  Instead of going shopping, I just tried to stay within my calories, which I did until I blew it on Monday. I got really frustrated because when I got home I was up 14 lbs!!! I knew most of it was water weight, but who gains 14 lbs in a weekend?!?! Apparently, I do. Good news is that I've lost all but .5lbs of it, so it was mostly water weight... ridiculous!

However, this experience helped me to come to this week's challenge. Two things that are vital to your health are vitamins and sleep... both of which I did not have on my trip. In our day to day diets, there is no possible way to get all of the nutrients our bodies need, without eating way too much. Taking a multi-vitamin will help assure you're getting your nutrients (or at least more of them) and in some cases can help level out water weight issues... hmm, maybe I should've taken my vitamins.

Sleep is one of the most over-looked aspects of our health. We are so busy all the time that we cut out more and more sleep to get everything done. We need sleep so our bodies can rest and recover and also de-stress. Stress and lack of sleep are two of the biggest obstacles in weight-loss. So try to get around 8 hrs of sleep a night (this number will be different for everyone, but you should feel well rested the next day).

Therefore, this weeks challenge is to find and take a multi-vitamin, if you don't already do so and make sure you're sleeping. Not too hard, right?! Do your best to have a consistent schedule so that it's attainable. Happy sleeping this week :)

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  1. Don't feel too bad Jush, my weight blows like that too. I can go up 5+ in a single day. It's lousy but you got it! I am so proud of you!