Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Results and March Goals

This week we succeeded in our goal to have a no gain meeting! Yay! Sadly, only 3 of us were there, but we represented :). Here are our week and month results:

  • Jerusha: -5 for the week (Wahoo!)/ -2.4 for the month. So happy I had a loss this month... I was worried after I had an overall gain for the month last week.
  • Rebecca was unable to come this week and had a 2 lb gain for the month... totally recoverable!
  • Clarissa: -2.8 for the week/ +1.2 for the month
  • Jason: -3.2 for the week/ maintained this month
  • Crystal was unable to come this week and had a 5.4 gain this month
Like I said, we had a somewhat rough month. I was super excited to be the contest winner this month because I didn't feel really deserving of it. We have all vowed to try harder this month and we are aiming for no gains this month... Steep, I know, but we are determined! Our personal goals are as follows:
  • Jerusha - Make a menu for the month and stick to it/ say no to temptation 6 days a week/ make sure I walk at least 3 times a week.
  • Clarissa - Do her Body for Life plan/ don't miss any workouts
  • Jason - Eat healthy on his trip to Arizona in a few weeks/ stick to his marathon training schedule
We are hoping to hear about Crystal and Rebecca's goals and welcome any of you to post your results or goals as well. We are motivated by people's ideas and involvement, so please join in!

I've set up our team for the Famous Idaho Potato race. Our team name is Join Our Journey and I'm the team captain (Jerusha Baker). We've had a few people drop out and need a few more to complete our team, so please consider joining our team... You can do a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or full-marathon. Here's the link to register:

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