Saturday, February 2, 2013

Results and Feb Goals

Hey all!

We had awesome results this week (w) and for the month (m) of January! Here they are:

  • Jerusha: -1.4 (w)/ -7.4 (m) Yay!!!! I'm pretty darn proud of that month number... almost 2 lbs a week! And... I won this month's contest, but by only .08%!!!! Crystal almost had me!
  • Crystal: -1.6 (w)/ -4.6 (m) Nice work, lady!
  • Clarissa: -1.8 (w)/ -2.4 (m) She won this weeks weigh-in between her and Jason... He has to do dishes all week!
  • Jason: -2.4 (w)/ -2.6 (m) This was Jason's 2nd week in a row with a 2.4 loss. He says next month he's going to "bring it"! I'm ready for the challenge :)!
  • I think we get Rebecca back next week... We've missed her!!! She had a 2 lb loss for the month.
Clarissa, Jason, and I were the only ones able to be at the goal setting meeting. Hopefully, the others are still making their goals! Here are our goals for February:
  • Jerusha: I've noticed that no matter what I set my calorie goal at, I always tend to go over by 50-100 calories a day. Last month my intake goal was 1800 and my burn goal was 2800. I know that seems like a lot of calories to be able to eat, but I still managed to go over just about every day this week. Therefore, this month's goal is different. My burn goal will still be 2800, but I'm now setting my intake goal at 1500 calories. I will then allow myself 1000 calories to play with throughout the week. Because I'm a visual person, I'm actually going to have 100 fake dollar bills that each represent 10 calories. I can spend all $100 in one day, or I can divvy it out over the week. This way, I can go over 50-100 calories a day and still meet my 1000 calorie deficit a day. I hope this works! I've got to beat Jason!
  • Jason: Jason's only goal this month is to wear his Bodybugg every day. This is such a good goal, because if he's anything like me, he'll move a little more throughout the day just knowing his activity is being monitored.
  • Clarissa's goal this month is to meet all of her Bodybugg goals. This means she has to stay within her calorie limit, has to burn her calorie goal, walk 10,000 steps, and do a certain amount of activity every day. Good luck, lady!
I have the recipe for next week's meeting. Be excited!


  1. Well, friends, I gained 1.3 this week. And I finally just decided that I needed help, so I joined Weight Watchers...again. I have a colleague who goes, so I think that will help. You guys are wonderful, and I will certainly keep up with you, but I think I needed a little more help than I realized. But I feel hopeful, and while I'm not thrilled about the price of it, I have to try.Here's to a new week!

    1. I think that's great! It's always easier when you have people around you working on the same goals... I hope it works well for you! We definitely want you to keep us posted on how you're doing each week :)

  2. Having a local friend for support is always a good thing!