Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well my friends, it's time for me to stop being a slacker!!! I'm getting married 8 weeks from Friday and I've not been sticking to my plan(s)!!! My main issue? I'm skipping meals and waiting 'til night time to eat and then it all goes to pot from there. So this weeks challenge is to not skip any meals... I'm going to set a rigid schedule, meaning I'll have exact times I have to eat each meal (of coarse this may have to vary depending on the day) and I can't skip any meals. If a meal is a little late I'll just adjust my schedule likewise. Wish me luck!

We all have to remember that skipping meals only does our bodies harm. So try to set a schedule this week and stick to it. If you have any future ideas about challenges, please feel free to give me suggestions... I know that my struggles are not necessarily everyone else's and vice versa.

Any and all support is welcome :)

Have a great week!!!


  1. Skipping meals???? If I don't eat every 2 hours, I turn into a grouchy monster and I'm not so fun to be around. :)

    Actually, I've had that happen before... the skipping meals, but mostly it was because I was too lazy to cook. Something that's helped has been to prepare a couple of meals at one time. This way, during the week I just need to heat them up.

    Good Luck! :)

  2. I'm usually pretty good about not missing my meals, but I have gotten out of the habit of having planned snacks and as a result have been resorting to candy and other not so good options for snacks. I will plan my snacks this week. Good challenge.

  3. Hey girl - I have always thought highly of you! You will do anything you set your mind to. You rock!! I often get busy and it is easy to miss meals - just keep the fire fed and you'll never loose your momentum!!!

  4. I'm with ya Juice, every 3 hours!