Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Ultimate Challenge!

So? How did the challenge go for you last week? I'm not going to lie... I messed up one night!!! Grrr! And guess what I messed it up for?! That's right... SUGAR!!! I have a serious addiction to sugar, but only after I take my first bite. If I don't eat sugar, I don't crave it. Funny how that works!

With that being said, I bet you're never going to be able to guess what this week's challenge is! Before I tell you for sure, I want to make it clear that I'm trying to set up these challenges so they can be continued... so I will still be trying to not eat after 8:00 in addition to this challenge.

Here goes... This week is a no-sugar week (we can do anything for 7 days). Meaning no processed sugars. Fruit is fine, honey is fine, but foods with high fructose corn syrup are difinitely out, along with artificial sweeteners! I think even harder than giving up sugar, will be giving up the artificial sweeteners (for me). If you know me at all, you know that I love Diet Cherry Limeades, Crystal Light, and really anything sweet that I can save calories on because it's sugar-free! Yumm!!! (Don't get me wrong, I'm not an absolute junkee, but those things usually save me at one point throughout the week.)  But artificial sweeteners can actually do more harm to our bodies than sugar. There are actually some fascinating articles if you want to google them. I don't believe everything I read, but I do know that I have less energy and sometimes even feel sick when I have excess artificial sweeteners.

This will probably be the hardest challenge for me... at least for the first week (after that it becomes more habitual), but I know that if I do it 100% I will feel soooooo much better and more energetic! I'm totally banking on all of you doing this with me, because when I'm dying for some frozen yogurt, I'll be telling myself that I can't let any of you down :)  Best of luck to you all!!!


  1. You can do it!! :) Sweets used to be my total weakness too. One thing I've discovered is instead of ice cream or frozen yogurt, cut up a banana, freeze it, then toss it in a food processor for a few minutes (or a blender, but I've found food processor works way better). It comes out with the exact texture of soft serve ice cream. Also, frozen berries are good in water. The flavor isn't as strong as Crystal Light, but you still get something other than plain water!

  2. I've actually tried that before, but had forgotten about it... Thanks :)